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One Hot Tip For Finding Accommodation In New York

New York accomodation isn’t necessarily cheap

Finding accommodation in New York isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do. Well of course it is easy if you got a huge budget, but most of us don’t have a huge budget for accommodation and so are looking for relatively comfortable accommodation without a massive price tag. This isn’t easy to find in New York.

For this reason some tourists avoid finding accommodation right in Manhattan and opt for cheaper accommodation outside the city, and come in each day to visit the city. Whilst this has its obvious attractions, being cheaper, it’s important to add up the cost of commuting backwards and forwards each day, both in time spent commuting and in dollars spent.

Of course there’s all sorts of options when it comes to New York accommodation. For instance it’s perfectly possible to rent an apartment in New York and there are many apartments available in New York for short or long term rental. It’s not that difficult to find them and a good place to start looking for apartments in New York is New York Stay.

And of course if you’ve got the budget there are wonderful hotels right in the middle of Manhattan, but expect to pay an arm and a leg for a five star hotel in Manhattan.

The budget conscious can also look for youth hostels, though it’s probably necessary to book most times of the year, and certainly at peak time.

Here’s one tip you might not have heard of

However the above are the relatively mainstream methods of finding accommodation. But there are other ways of finding accommodation in New York which might be cheaper as well as more interesting. One of these is Airbnb. Continue Reading →

How To Get Around New York

Travel options in New York

New York is a wonderful city, but it’s not small and it’s not easy to get around. Visitors to the city should do a little research before visiting the find out more about the best ways to get around New York and the best ways to keep the price down.

Take the subway

The New York subway is one of the most efficient, fastest and economical subway systems in the world. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is used by millions of people every single day.

It’s unlikely you’ll find an uncrowded train, even in the middle of the night. The New York subway transports an astonishing number of people every day and is a brilliant way to get around.

Many people are worried about safety on the subway however the reality is that the subway is relatively safe and chances of an incident are very low.

However it does take a little learning. On any major subway in any city in the world you can find yourself lost relatively easily and so it certainly doesn’t hurt to learn a little more about the subway before you start using it.

A trip on the subway is quite cheap and it’s an economical way to get around.

You’ll find details about the fares, as well as the MetroCard right here. For anyone wishing to ride for an extended period of time the MetroCard is a great option. Continue Reading →

How To Find A Great Restaurant In New York

Here’s 3 great places to start

New York is a wonderful place to eat out. Out of all of the cosmopolitan cities in the world New York has to be one of the best places to find a massive range of different cultures and cuisines and wonderful restaurants.

No matter what style it is that you wish to eat you can find somewhere in New York to eat it. There are hundreds of restaurants in the city and they will cover just about every type of cuisine imaginable.

Here’s 3 of the top restaurants in New York. It’s extremely hard to decide which are the top restaurants in New York, so we had to go there and test them out. Of course there’s many wonderful restaurants and this is just our opinion, and we encourage you to eat out as often as possible to form your own views about the best restaurants in the city.

And of course there’s lots of different styles, and you may prefer a different style to us.

It’s perfectly possible, of course, that this list will be out of date almost as soon as we publish it. Restaurants open and restaurants close in New York all the time. The cuisine in New York is a moving feast, pardon the pun, and it’s fun just trying to keep up with it.

The ABC Kitchen

Run by the well-known chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten the ABC Kitchen is, in his own words, a “hippie” restaurant. It sports an interior style all of its own. Continue Reading →

NYC’s Amazing Water System

NYC’s Amazing Water System

Most if not all New Yorker’s never give the water coming out the tap any though. We just turn on the faucet and expect water to come out. Its a gift we take for granted.

When I say granted, I don't mean to compare us to third world countries that have no running water. New Yorker’s take for granted the amazing amount of work and effort put into our water system. Not the current activities that our state workers put into maintaining this great system, but the incredible feets taken to build it.


Believe it or not, NYC was once a near vacant land, with access to water, unless you lived near a lake. Its impossible to imagine, maybe as impossible as it is to imagine the vast and complex systems of tunnels and pipes that run beneath our feet. Buried under all the concrete and asphalt is one of the earths wonders.


All the sewer tunnels, water mains leading to every building, gas lines, electric, phone and cable. Above ground we only see the outcome, beneath us is the cause.

From Watersheds to Faucets is an exhibit in Queens that everyone needs to see. Its an education on NYC’s water supply system. The Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electric has spearheaded this project by creating a relief map of NYC. The project was actually started in 1938 with a small team of cartographers and a modest budget of $100,000 or $1.5 million by today’s economic system.


The finish map took over 540 square feet and was very detailed. It consisted of 27 pieces that had to be assembled for display. About ten years after it was created it was put on public display at Manhattan’s Grand Central Palace.


After decades of storage the map started to wear. It was in need of some TLC after being forgotten for so long. A conservation effort was underway and all 27 pieces were sent out for restoration. The McKay Lodge Fine Arts Conservation Lab in Ohio was able to restore the entire relief back to its original state.


Settlers that first arrived into Manhattan had to travel and get water from private wells. It wasn't long until the first effort to supply New Yorks growing population took place. In 1677 the first public well was built at Bowling Green. Once the population exceeded 22,000 another reservoir was built on Broadway, between Pearl and White Street. Even with all the work being put into this emerging system, it could not keep up. NYC was expanding so quickly that water was constantly in short supply. After some time a new water source was needed, this new reservoir had to reach all the way up to Westchester, the old Croton Aqueduct. This new aqueduct was able to pump out 90 million gallons a day and was completed, in service about 1842.


1885 till 1893 a second aqueduct was in construction doubling the amount of water arriving into NYC. This pre civil war system ran well with no major interruptions in service.  The history goes on, you can read more about it here.


Its definitely something we should all learn, the next time you decided to build out your kitchen project.



Making it Big as a Barber in New York

Have you dreamt of being known or creating a niche as a hair stylist for men in the Big Apple? A lot of barbers have tried to reach that dream; there were some who failed, some who have yet to achieve it by enrolling in barber schools like you can do here and some who already are enjoying the limelight. 

Let us take Tomcats Barbershop for instance, this barbershop offers an array of the so called hair menu. They specialize in the vintage style of haircuts and shaves.  Aside from the hair services they offer, what makes it extra special is their customer service skill. Can you imagine, they offer beer while you wait for your turn! (Now how’s that for a deal!) Truly you will be mesmerized with their professional barbers, promotional strategies and their old school interiors.

There is no perfect science in the Barbershop Business. What you need to have would be the vision and passion in this business.

So, how do you make it big in the Big Apple? Here are simple tips on how to be the next Barber in Town!

Get Trained

Most of the barbershops require a certificate of training from a reputable barber school.  It is better to learn the basics from the Professionals and be able to jump-start your career from there.

Be Barber Apprentice

There is no better way to kick off your career but to be part of one of the famous barbershops in town. Look for Barbershops in NYC that accept apprentices; this is the best and most credible way of building your name in the business. The duration of the apprenticeship will depend on the shop you apply in. Aside from the training you get from the professional barbers you also start to build your clientele as early as your apprenticeship.

Know the haircuts or styles

Though you might and will learn the different styles or cuts as you go to a barber school or through the apprenticeship program, this still does not sound easy.  As a barber, you need to know what is in and what is not. Hairstyles for men do not really go out of fashion but what you need to understand is how each hairstyle or haircut relates to a person’s personality and own style. There are people who would require the vintage look and some who would ask for a Tom Cruise ‘do. Whatever style it is, knowing the basics would make your life easier.

Be a jack of all trades and a master of one

Though this may contradict tip number 3, this only means one thing – it is good to know a lot of haircuts but you build credibility and create your name through your expertise. You can be known as the Barber who cuts in 30 seconds, the barber who specializes in the classic look or the expert in shaving. Whatever you focus on, it will always be good to be remembered based on what you specialize on.

Possess a positive attitude

An excellent customer service and interpersonal skill will pave way to your success. One success measure in the Barbershop business is what we call the “top of the mind recall.” You can achieve this through the qualities you possess. Your ability to connect and communicate with your customer will make you look and sound as a consultant and not just someone who cuts their hair.